CrisisCrowd is pleased to release a study report on the 2023 crisis counselor survey.


Read the coverage: 988 Crisis Jam Ep 162 Patia Braithwaite, now a senior staff editor at The New York Times, described, in an article for Vice, a debrief “with the male supervisor who’d reprimanded me for prematurely ending an obscene phone call” after her first, and last, shift as a volunteer crisis counselor. At least one-quarter of the calls she answered were obscene...
A Former Hotline
Counselor ‘Hands the
Mic’ to Call-Takers to
Amplify Their Voices
988-Hotline Counselors
Air Concerns: More Training Needed to
Juggle a Mix of Calls
CrisisCrowd conducted a survey of crisis call center staff to learn about challenges and opportunities in the profession. The need for more — and more specialized — training is a major theme in the responses. Here are three examples...
Excited to see this survey and look forward to more insight about crisis counselors! CONTACT is proud of the work accomplished by our front-line counselors. We hope to learn from this survey and find new ways to support their work...

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