Committed to
centering crisis counselors.

CrisisCrowd is an independent project started by Dan Fichter toward empowering and enabling connections among crisis hotline staff.

Unlike other categories of first responders, crisis counselors do not have a professional association or other formal voice in the development of their own field. They rarely get a chance to attend 988 conferences, sit on panels, advise on studies, or write about their experiences. They are in most ways not seen, yet, as a profession.

But counselors can provide compelling analysis of the system’s challenges and offer brilliant and hopeful ideas for a more sustainable and capable 988. CrisisCrowd is committed to increasing counselors’ voice in the development of their field.

Dan has served as head of engineering at The Trevor Project and on SAMHSA’s 988 team. He is now serving on 988-related research advisory committees and has been a co-author on policy commentary about mobile crisis response. Previously, he was head of product and chief technology officer at Moat, growing a global team of 200 engineering, product, data science, and operations staff and helping lead the company from its earliest stage.
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